The Club

Happy September everyone!

Shoes for Glades has now formed a club at our school, and we are so excited about the successful turnout with the amount of students who are now inspired in making our county a better place. What we found really interesting was how many students my age do not even have any knowledge about the situation in Belle Glades, and I realized how necessary this project is. This is such a great opportunity to help those in need while also learning something new about ourselves. We have not met yet as a club; however, we are feeling ecstatic, and have thought of many ideas in which we can bring awareness for the greater need in Belle Glade.

Can’t wait!

Sabrina 🙂



Hello everyone!

Sorry for being a day late, things have just been so busy lately! For this month, we contacted, and actually had the chance to speak to the director and the senior planner of the Palm Beach County office of Community Revitalization. They actually invited Shoes for Glades to come and help at the Back to School Bash coming up in August, and afterwards, we are planning to meet with them once again. Later this month, we had a thirty minute phone call meeting with our VIP, Mr. Meyer, and my mentor, Ms. Ellen to recap on what has been happening with the project. After much discussion, we have decided to once again meet with Mrs. Perham from Back to Basics to maybe discuss a partnership and review the logistics of Shoes for Glades. As of now, we are waiting for her to return our call, and I can’t wait!

In Progress

This month, Shoes for Glades has contacted someone from the city of Belle Glade, who could possibly make this project happen. Although, as for now, the project is a work in progress until we speak to the Senior Planner of the Board of County Commissioners at the County of Administration Office

Belle Glade & Back to Basics

On May 9, 2016 at 10am, while I could not attend because of being at school, my mother and Ms. Ellen attended the Glades Career Readiness Roundtable Meeting. They were able to meet with the Tri-City (Belle Glade, Pahokee, and South Bay) Community Leaders and Palm Beach County Department Heads/Representatives, Palm Beach School Board Head for the Tri-City, Palm Beach County School District Area Superentindent and Departments/Schools Representatives, and Leaders/Representatives of Community Programs. While Ms. Ellen spoke about the Palm Beach Philantropist Tank and introduced my Mother to the meeting attendees, was the one who my mother presented my project. After recapping what happened at the meeting with my mom, I found out that Dr. Shoemaker, Glades Area Superintendent, had confirmed that there is a need for shoes in the Belle Glade and Pahokee area; however, he thinks that the need is more at the middle of the year when most of the kids feet grew size bigger or the shoes are already damage or broken. He also said that the Tri-City’s underprivileged kids get school supplies, backpacks, shoes, clothes and uniforms, but it is only at the beginning of the year from the Palm Beach County. Therefore, if the kids need new shoes then they do not have shoes to give the children that need them. Not only that, but, Dr. Shoemaker also said that the students are not allowed to use flip flops in the bus so we are looking to make modifications to our original plan and implementation of the original project. He suggested to contact three people from Belle Glade and Pahokee that can help us with the project; those three being: Ms. Mary Evans from City of Belle Glade who is in charge of the Tri-City’s Education Updates; Mr. Derrek Moore who is the Senior Planner of Palm Beach County Office of Community Revitalization; and Mr. Eddie Lee Rhodes, Co-chair Tri-City Education Committee & Retired Administrator.

Then on May 21,2016 at 3pm, my mother and I met with Mrs. Beverly Perham, the founder and president of Back To Basics. Mrs. Perham had emphasized and mentioned that there is a big need of shoes and clothing for underprivileged children in Belle Glade and Pahokee areas and in Palm Beach County as a whole. Back to Basics started before Christmas in 1984 when she and her friend used their own money to help and provide clothes for thirty Haitian children who just arrived on a boat from Haiti with absolutely nothing. From there, she realized that there were many children in our community that did not even have the basic necessities. Recognizing the importance of school children having the basic necessities in order to attend school and learn, she started their Angel Program, which provides children with new sneakers, socks, underwear, and a gift during the winter holidays. These important gestures can change a child’s outlook towards learning and give them the confidence to go to school. It also raises children’s self esteem and enables them to be self sufficient, and in the future, could decrease community issues like crime and poverty and promote community involvement and education.

As a result from these meetings, we can improve our original project, and contest that there is a need for Shoes for Glades. Can’t Wait!

The Kickoff

About two weeks ago, I met with my VIP, Mr. Meyers, to discuss phases and what I could do to make Shoes for Glades a success. For phase one, we have agreed to gather information about my program. How many students need shoes? What kinds of shoes are most preferred? What school really needs this program? How can we implement this program? Over the past month after that meeting, I have scheduled to meet with principals from Belle Glade elementary schools on May 9th to go over the program. Hopefully I can find out how it can be implemented possibly in the next school year in at least one of the elementary schools in Belle Glade. Can’t wait! 🙂